Rev Dr Shadrach Vegah

Senior Pastor
- Rev Dr Shadrach Vegah (Church Planter and Senior Pastor of GBC)

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Rev Ngam Neville Tassah

Associate Pastor in charge of Music and Youth Ministries
Rev Ngam Neville Tasah holds a Diploma in Church Music, a B.A in Biblical Studies from CBTS Ndu and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Evangelism and Missions with CBTS Ndu. Rev Ngam began ministry in GBC in July 2015. He is married to Mrs Ngam Ethel and they are blessed with two lovely daughters.

Pastor Ngwayi Nixon

Minister in Charge of Outreach, Missions and Logistics
Ps Ngwayi Nixon Bongko holds a B.A and M.A in Missions from West Africa Theological Seminary in Lagos, Nigeria. Ps Ngwayi Nixon began ministry in GBC in July 2017. He is married to Mrs Ndukuo Velma and they a blessed with a lovely daughter.

Pastor Gwaya Christian

Church Planter, Good News Baptist Church
Ps Gwaya Christian is holder of a B.A in Biblical Studies from CBTS Ndu and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Evangelism and Missions with CBTS. He is the church planter of our recent church plant – Good News Baptist Church, Mbingfibi, Mankon, Bamenda. The church was planted in August 2020. Ps Gwaya Christian is married to Mrs Prosper Tucknwi and they are blessed with two boys and a daughter.

Mrs Bomnsa Florence

Women’s Counselor/Children’s Minister
Mrs Bomnsa Florence holds a Certificate of Theology from CBTS Ndu. She began ministering in GBC from 2011 and has been been very instrumental in the Children’s ministry of GBC. She is married to Dr Bomnsa Thaddeus and they are blesses with 6 grown up sons and many grandchildren.

Mr Francis Blair

Mr Francis Blair is a Missionary and Evangelist from Christ Memorial Church in Vermont, USA who served in GBC from 2010 till 2018. He was a Building technician/engineer and did a lot of work on our temporary church building. He was very good in door to door evangelism and outreach to various Clinics around the church. He was recalled by the home church due to the prevailing insecurity and kidnaps in Bamenda. He was a blessing to Gospel Baptist Church.

Mrs Ngam Ethel

Finance Clerk/Secretary
Mrs Ngam Ethel holds a Masters degree in Economic Geography from the University of Yaounde. She is the Finance Clerk and started serving in January 2021. She is married to Rev Ngam Neville and they are blessed with two daughters.

Ps Yen Romeo Akumbu

Christian Education/Multi-Media Ministry
Ps Yen Romeo Akumbu is a pastor on internship and is being groomed towards the Christian Education ministry. He holds a B.A in Biblical Studies from CBTS Ndu. He started his internship program in July 2021.


“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.” (Heb 13:2)


Our dream and passion is to proclaim the historic Gospel of Jesus Christ from every book of the Bible, trusting God to use the preached Word to make committed Disciples of Christ who are passionate about Church planting and advancing God’s Kingdom on earth.