NETS Africa Center

The NETS Africa Center for Church Planting and Revitalization recruits and mentors young Seminary graduates in Church Planting and Revitalization. They are mentored in the context of GBC and NETS Africa church plants. Interns/Mentees are given practical skills in Preaching the Gospel from every Bible book, Church Administration and Strategic Planning, Biblical Theology, Church Planting, Church Health and Revitalization, Men’s Ministry in the local church, Marriage/Ministry, Fundraising and Resource mobilization, etc. Interns for Church Revitalization are assisted to get churches to serve in after their internship. We hope to commence the mentoring of pastoral couples as soon as the permanent building is up with the parsonages attached to it. Young seminary graduates apply for internship in NETS Africa Center and the applications are screened and approved. Church Revitalization interns spend 3-6 months in training while Church Planting interns spend 1-2 years in training.